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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ben ups the ante

Seriously, every week's reunion planning meeting is a new adventure with Ben Penick hanging around. This week... well, here goes.


BEN: So, Clint Hardy lives by you, Brad?

BRAD: Yeah, right across the street.

BEN: Oh, man! I totally remember him. Is he coming?

BRAD: He's not registered. Do your thing, Ben.

BEN: Wow, I'm totally going over there. Not even joking, I'm gonna knock on his door, shake that man's hand and personally harass, er, I mean, invite him to come.

(Ben leaves, and the business of reunion planning commences. Ben comes flying back into the house about eight seconds later.)

BEN: Not home. Hey, you guys have some really freaky mosquitoes out here.

BRAD: OK, so when are we picking up the...

BEN: ACK! Does Clint drive a big, black truck? Tell me he drives a big, black truck, cuz one just pulled up.

(Brad's about to answer in the affirmative, but Ben is already diving for the door again. Somehow, Ben loses all sense of social restraint when he starts palling around with old high school buddies.)


BEN: *Rings doorbell* Freak! That bugger really got me good. *Swats at a mosquito on his leg, leaving a nice splat of blood on his calf.*

(Clint opens the door.)

BEN: Hey. HEY! Long time, so see buddy!

(Ben goes to give Clint a hug, but the latter retracts and raises the pepper spray on his keychain to Ben's eye level.)

CLINT: Who are you?

BEN: It's Ben. Ben Penick. I went to high school with you.

(Clint takes a moment to let it marinate. He nods his head.)

CLINT: OK, yeah. You've gotten pretty big, Ben.

(Ben interprets this to mean Clint thinks he's fat, but Clint just doesn't remember Ben being, like, nine feet tall. Ben is silently offended, but he has a job to do.)

BEN: Yeah, well, your face is weird. Anyway, you coming to the reunion?

CLINT: Whoa, what? What'd you say?

BEN: The reunion, you coming?

CLINT: No, no, about the fa...

BEN: Cuz seriously, if you don't come, I know where you live now, y'know.

(Clint goes back for the pepper spray.)

CLINT: Look, I vaguely remember you, and you come to my door and threaten me, and...

BEN: Look tough guy, you coming or not? Do I need to get crazy on that face of yours?

(Clint hollers at his wife to check on the baby, then starts to shut the door. Ben stops it from shutting by inserting his foot in the threshold.)

BEN: Hey, you just need to go to the reunion blog, OK? The address is www....

(Clint stops him mid-sentence with a mini-spritz to the eye. Ben yelps and stumbles backward while grabbing his eyes. He'd be more worried about the fact that he can't see except he now has exactly 4,218 mosquitoes vying for an open fleshy spot on his body. He runs back to Brad's house, whimpering and crying. He flings open the door and plops himself back in his seat. The rest of the committee is a collective deer to Ben's headlight. Not only are his eyes red and bugging out of his skull, but every exposed piece of flesh is swollen about four-fold. Ben looks like a blowfish on the graveyard shift.)

BEN: So, I don't think he's coming. I'm gonna call Scott Strobell.

(Ben sends a text message to Scott that reads: "Hey, you coming to the reunion?" Several minutes go by, then this from Scott: "Who's this?" Ben replies: "That's it, I'm coming to your house, Scott." With that, Ben bolts out the door again. The committee takes a minute to shake it off.))

BRAD: So, we agree that we need two people doing check-in, right?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ben's at it again

OK, so every reunion planning meeting is an adventure with Ben Penick. Last week, Ben's creepy stalking of Peter Stuercke, this week, our tall friend went the rounds with one Cole Mayhew. Here's the transcript, with a little editorial context mingled in.

BEN: Hey Cole, what's up? This is Ben Penick. Long time no see and all that. You coming to the reunion?

COLE: Aha! Mr. Penick. Have I ever told you about your lovely face? Your face — it's lovely.

[Ben knows that Cole's go-to jokes are face-related. Clearly, Cole is trying to divert the discussion away from the reunion for some reason. Ben won't have any of it.]

BEN: You live in St. George, right? Seriously, you have to come. No excuses, Cole.

COLE: Your message has been intercepted by the FCC. You are being investigated for goat-loving. Agent H.R. Shovenstuff will soon visit you. That is all.

[Ben is amused, but also grumpy that Cole keeps hijacking the conversation. This would have been cute a month ago, but this is crunch time for rounding up reunion stragglers. Ben decides to go for the jugular. He starts typing...]

BEN (audibly, not text): Freakin' freakness! My phone is dead.

[Without another word, Ben gets up and runs outside, slamming Brad's front door behind him. The committee wonders what just happened, gives a collective shrug and moves on. Meanwhile, Ben is in his car, starting the engine so he can pump life back into his mortified phone.]

BEN: Ha ha. You're funny. Now, for serious, what do I need to do to get you there?

COLE: Mr. Shovenstuff will take no further questions.

BEN: Hey, that's funny, but I'm ...........

[Ben shrieks again because his phone pooped out, so he runs back outside. Those still inside hear the roar of his engine as he tries again to revive the hacking, dying phone.]

BEN: Hey, that's funny, but I'm not messing around here. We've put a lot of work into this thing, and you live in St. George. What's your excuse?

[Clearly, the combined stress of planning the reunion, resuscitating a dying phone and wading through Cole's silly farce is getting to Ben. Cole senses this, so he opts for serious for a moment.]

COLE: Well, my wife is extremely pregnant and is due that week.

[Ben has heard that Cole has progeny, but he's never seen them with his own eye. In his current crazed state, Ben doesn't accept this as a valid excuse.]

BEN: Are you sure? I never even met that supposed first kid of yours. Gimme proof — pictures don't count. You could get those anywhere. I want an in-person meeting with said kiddo.

[Just as Cole begins contemplating how weird this is getting, it gets wierder with Ben's next text.]

BEN: Sorry, had to plug in my phone. Anyway, plan on a paternity test, too. I already hired it out. We'll meet you at the [name removed for privacy reasons] clinic at {time removed for privacy reasons]. If you don't show, I'll assume this whole "paterfamilias" thing is an elaborate hoax.

[As the world's biggest fan of sarcasm, Cole knows what is and what ain't. This ain't sarcasm. Maybe if he ignores it, Ben will call off the dogs.]

BEN: Furthermore, you should know about our plans for people in St. George who willfully miss the reunion. There's no excuse, Cole. Here's how it will go down: it's about midnight, perfectly dark and warm still from a full day of 100 degrees baking the ground. You're nestled in bed with your wife (still childless, of course, because you're a huge liar).

As you slumber, a caravan consisting of six high-occupancy vehicles spills onto your street, headlights off. Doors open ever so quietly, and people dressed head-to-toe in black scatter like ninjas. The whole ordeal takes about 90 minutes, but the impact is lasting.

You wake up like it's any other morning, except you hear the hum of helicopters outside. Not giving it much thought, you crawl your lazy butt out of bed (it's about 10:30 a.m. by now), drag your sorry @!# into the living room and flip on the T.V. while you wait for your Pop Tarts to warm. You flip to find your favorite (The Backyardigans, of course) but the same thing's on every channel. It's an aerial shot of a huge pile of toilet-paper.

As you sit there, the oxygen finally waking your brain from its hemlock slumber, the pieces start to come together. Those CNN cameras are aimed down on YOUR neighborhood! Your house is most definitely hidden under at least 300 pounds of toilet paper. And the sprinklers are on.

After yelping aloud, you run to the garage, seeing as the front door is crowded with reporters clamoring for a comment. If you can just get to the car, you figure you can escape to your favorite thinking spot (Denny's, not the "cowboy one") to gather your thoughts. You press the automatic garage-door opener. Your heart skips a beat. The opened garage doesn't reveal fresh air, sunlight and the freedom of his driveway. Rather, you only see the sticky side of duct tape — a solid wall of duct tape.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thoughts on time


You are young and life is long
and there is time to kill today

And then one day you find
ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run
you missed the starting gun

And you run and you run
to catch up with the sun
but it's sinking

Racing around
to come up behind you again

The sun is the same
in a relative way
but you're older

Short of breath
and one day closer to death

Every year is getting shorter
never seem to find the time

I remember driving to Burns Arena for graduation. I had to say something to sign off the commencement ceremonies, and I hadn't given it much thought. I had Bob Marley pumping through my stereo on the way over, and inspiration came just in time. "Don't worry ... about a thing ... 'cuz every little thing ... is gonna be alright."

Then, someone hit the fast-forward button.

Prior to that graduation ceremony, it seemed like time slogged along and everything was at a leisurely pace. Then, not so. It's 10 years later, more than one-third of our lives, and it's frightening how quickly it happened. Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives, right?

Now, I'm not one of those who thinks "living life to the fullest" means every day should be filled with skydiving and eating bugs in the Dominican Republic. For most of us, that kind of lifestyle just isn't practical, and there are plenty of things that add meaning to life other than bucket-list thrills. But I do know that it's important to take opportunities to be with friends, and it's also good medicine to reconnect with your roots from time to time. No matter if you hate high school or loved it, reuniting is important.

About eight years ago, I had just returned home from a "two-year religious sabbatical" in Washington, D.C. One night, some high school pals popped in at my house around 11 p.m., as I recall, wanting to steal me away to go watch a movie. I was tired. It was inconvenient. And I was even more socially awkward than usual due to 24 months in conquistador mode. I went out anyway. It was a small thing, but it was such good therapy, spending some time with old friends.

This reunion will be good therapy, and plenty of fun to boot. You have one chance -- one, in your entire lifetime -- to be in the same place with your old classmates 10 years later. If you loved high school and had lots of friends, you have plenty of reason to re-live the glory days. If you hated high school and felt out of place, well you're like most of us. Those in this latter category need to pass the tipping point and register. Even if you hate the reunion, at least you won't have any regrets. At worst, it will be a totally unique experience, unlike what you would probably do instead (pass out watching Mythbusters, am I right?).

Do the right thing and come, even if it's a little inconvenient or you feel awkward. You'll either be pleasantly surprised or at least be able to say you didn't cop out.

Plus, you're getting toilet-papered if you skip. ;)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ben Penick hearts Peter Stuercke

Folks, this is getting serious. Some people in the class are jonesing to see their old buddies so bad, they're resorting to stalking and lurking (I prefer harassment as my tactic of choice). Case in point: I just received the following text message transcript, courtesy of my special hacker friend, of an exchange between Ben Penick and Peter Stuercke:

BEN: Hey Peter! This is Ben Penick. Long time no see. I was just hoping you were going to be at the reunion, cuz I wanna see you.

PETER: Yeah, I'm planning on it. My wife takes care of all that stuff (re: registration).

BEN: OK, awesome. Can't wait. Be sure to register soon b/c the price goes way up after July 31. How's life? I miss you.

[Presumably a long, awkward moment for Peter as he mulls how to respond.]

PETER: K, miss you too. Life's good, can't complain. How about you?

BEN: Oh, so good. I love being a fireman, even if it doesn't keep me from lighting my house on fire with my BBQ grill. Married, with kids, just living the good life in Payson. Can't wait to see you at the reunion. I seriously miss you ... a lot.

[Peter is presumably a little weirded out now, so he tries to get the conversation to fizzle with a short response.]

PETER: Whelp, see you at the reunion.

BEN: I love you.

[For Peter, it just went from awkward to four-alarm creepy. Does he respond?]

PETER: Ha ha, you too bro.

BEN: No, seriously. Ever since elementary school, I've just really loved you, man. Remember how we used to do fight clubs at recess? One time, Colby Thomas KICKED MY EYE! How crazy is that?

[OK, the elementary context takes a little edge off, but Peter still wants this conversation dead. He gives it his best shot.]

PETER: Yep, those were the days. Anyway, about to head to bed. See you next month.

BEN: I love you like a brother. A soulmate. I hope you feel the same.

[Peter feigns like he is off to bed, doesn't respond.]

BEN: I'm on your lawn. Sometimes I hide outside at night and watch you through the windows. You're seriously the coolest person I know. Glad we're friends, Pete!

[Peter makes an audible yelp, and contemplates calling the cops. He looks out the window, but doesn't see anyone.]

BEN: Sometimes, I let myself into your pad through a window (BTW, the window in your living room doesn't lock well). When you're asleep, I just stand over your bed and watch you slumber, all the while thinking, "This guy is the epitome of cool." One time I even used your toothbrush. I wanted to try on your clothes, but you know, I'm really freakin' tall.

***Disclaimer: This is fake, although Ben and Peter were texting last night (Ben was at my house for a planning meeting). Just thought you could use a laugh after all the mafia-style threats and intimidation (which will continue unless you stragglers register ASAP).

Monday, July 5, 2010

Grad Night and other Pictures

Thanks Alisha for these goodies - and this is just a sample of what she sent in!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Even MORE then and now

(Q) What is your fondest HS memory?
(A) Lunch at the Burger Place in Washington

(Q) What have you been up to since HS?
(A) Completed BA degree at Utah State; then MBA in International Management at Thunderbird School of Global Management. Worked at the corporate headquarters of US Airways for two years in Tempe, Arizona; currently living in Scottsdale, doing financial analysis for CVS Caremark. Running my 4th St. George Marathon this year but still trying unsuccessfully to beat my mother's finish time :)

(Q) What is your fondest HS memory?
(A) The friendships established that helped me get through my AP classes and enjoy the high school experience more than I would have otherwise.

(Q) What have you been up to since HS?
(A) Served LDS mission in the England Manchester Mission from Dec 2000-Dec 2002. Graduated from Dixie State College in '04 with my Associate of Science in Business. While completing my Bachelor Degree in Business at BYU, married Katelyn Bradfield (from CO) in 2005. Austin was born in '07 and Madelyn was born in '09. In '09, finished my MBA in Business Admin from Utah State as we moved to Colorado and bought our first home. Have been working for Wells Fargo Bank since 2003. I'm currently a Business Specialist at a branch in Arvada, CO.

(Q) What is your fondest HS memory?
(A) Arizona strip camp outs, bonfires!

(Q) What have you been up to since HS?
(A) Starting my own little family & loving it.

(Q) What is your fondest HS memory?
(A) Getting outside at lunch to speed down to Taco bell on Taco Tuesdays. Trying to float a cardboard boat for Physics. And realizing I would never be comfortable dancing :)

(Q) What have you been up to since HS?
(A) I haven't done anything of note. I am 10 years older and hopefully wiser.

(Q) What is your fondest HS memory?
(A) Laughing at Mr. Page so hard daily. (with my saigons). Basketball road trips and makeovers. Powder puff football game. Graduation Day!!!

(Q) What have you been up to since HS?
(A) I went to Dixie State and SUU. I graduated with an Elementary Ed. Teaching Degree. I married Sam Seymour in 2003. We had our daughter Berkely in 2008. Now I teach for an online school (UTVA) from home, help my husband in managing his assisted living business, and chase after our 2 year old.

(Q) What is your fondest HS memory?
(A) Sleepovers in the dark, cold, empty school... Football games... Stomps... Late night Denny's trips... and Frost Top.

(Q) What have you been up to since HS?
(A) Moved to Orem and went to school (sort of). Graduated from UVSC with my Associates (I told you... sort of). After living in Happy Valley for a few years, I moved to California to live the "Cali" life. And it was a good one. I did a lot of working and a lot of traveling. When I got sick of that I moved home for the summer (2007). Met my husband Craig King... (Dixie 2000) He talked me into staying in the STG and marrying him. (he really didn't have to talk me into it) Which worked out perfectly- because that meant opening a Spoon Me in St. George. So I now live a double life- Frozen Yogurt specialist- and house wife/mommy. We have a 11 month old little girl named Eliza, and she's amazing. That's my life in a nutshell.

(Q) What is your fondest memory of HS?
(A) Running x-country; studying for AP History tests at Angie's house with Lisa and Emily; sleepovers at Steph's house with bagels and midnight meat.

(Q) What have you been up to since HS?
(A) I went off to BYU with the four greatest roommates ever--Suzann Dickman, Jessica Debenham, KelliAnn Brinkerhoff, and Emily Krimmee; majored in Classical Studies (Latin and Greek); worked on the Joseph Smith Papers Project for 3 years (check the acknowledgements!); married the inestimable Justin Collings; graduated; introduced Julia (6) and Elisabeth (4) to the world; moved to New Haven for my husband to attend Yale Law School; introduced Katharine to the world (19 months); watched my husband graduate from Yale Law School, but am still sticking around New Haven while he finishes his PhD in Modern European History, which includes a year of fun in Germany, so I'm not complaining. We're SOOOO excited to welcome Jeff Lingwall to the neighborhood! Congrats, Jeff!

(Q) What have you been up to since HS?
(A) Served a mish in Argentina, I went into Law Enforcement in 2005 and also got married. I have two kids now, one boy and one girl. I currently work for Washington City Police as a detective.

(Q) What is your fondest HS memory?
(A) I loved going to the dances, and also ditching the assemblies hoping that we wouldn't get caught by Mr. Topham. I also loved it when teachers let us go on doughnut runs. And it was great just hanging out with friends.

(Q) What have you been up to since HS?
(A) I graduated beauty school on Halloween in 2000. Then I got married in April of 2001 to Cody Cotten, who I started dating when I was a junior. I swore I would never marry someone from Hurricane and Cody graduated from Hurricane, but I justify if because he grew up in Sandy Utah and moved to Hurricane his junior year. lol. I worked doing hair until I had my 2nd child. And since then I have been a stay at home Mom and I love it. We have 2 girls, Cadence 5 and Kyndee 3. I stay at home while my husband goes out and fight all the fires. He is a wildland firefighter. We live in LaVerkin Utah. I just love being a Mom and a wife. We are loving life except when my husband is gone during the summers.


(Q) What is your fondest HS memory?
(A) I dont know they were all pretty awesome. Going around with Janey Hedges and crew to different parties to steal toilet paper and then going to toilet paper houses with the way I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who unknowingly donated your t.p.

(Q) What have you been up to since HS?
(A) I did a little school, and then moved to New York to be a nanny for about a year and a half. While I was out there I met my husband, we got married in 2002, moved to Texas (where my husband is from) had two kids Hadley (5) and Kamp (4). Moved back to Utah in 2006 and have been here ever since

(Q) What have you been up to since HS?
(A) Lived in states from Alaska to Florida, Montana to Louisianna. Have 4 incredible kids. Took cruise to Acapulco, Mexico. Last year, I lost my baby to pnemonia, got divorced, and moved to Salt Lake where I am now taking college classes in accounting.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Then and now 5.0

(Q) What is your fondest HS memory?
(A) Friends! Spending time with them and all the adventures we had together.

(Q) What have you been up to since HS?
(A) Married my husband Nov. 2000. Moved away from St. George in May of 2003 to SLC so he could attend the U of U. Still in the area to this day. I worked full time for a great company as an insurance underwriter until we had our first boy. He is now 3 years old and we are expecting our second child (a boy) on August 3rd. Bought our first home about 3 years ago in West Jordan and just loving life!

(Q) What is your fondest HS memory?
(A) Spending time with friends, sand volleyball, hiking, ice blocking.

(Q) What have you been up to since HS?
(A) Moved to Texas to be part of a internship for Teen Mania Ministries for a year. Spent a year living on a tour bus with 30 people doing live youth events for a year. Met my husband Andrew in Texas and was married in 2005. Moved to North Carolina where Andrew was stationed with the Army. We've been in NC ever since with our 3 beautiful children. Marinn age 3, Taurin age 2, and Shaw age 1. You can see all their cuteness and funnies here: My husband is recently out of the Army after 6 years and 2, year long deployments. We just purchased a business and are starting a new adventure in life. I've had the opportunity to wear the role of mom, worship leader, photographer, graphic designer, and artist. Life is beautiful.


(Q) What is your fondest HS memory?
(A) The trip to New York with the Drama club & the plays.

(Q) What have you been up to since HS?
(A) Got married in 2001 to a wonderful guy from Dixie, Chad. Lived in St.George until 2006. Then moved and built a house in Manti, UT and We love it here. We have 3 kids Emma 7, Corbin 5, & Lee 2.

(Q) What is your fondest HS memory?
(A) I loved being involved in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. I have such great memories from them all. Plus, I got to miss out on a lot of school - but it was all excused! And I'm sure the teachers intended us to stop and have breakfast before coming back to class...right?? : )

(Q) What have you been up to since HS?
(A) *Loved college. Graduated with my BS in Elementary Education from BYU. *Married Ty Wakefield (from Huntington, Utah) in 2002 *After Provo, we moved to Henderson, NV for 3 years so Ty could complete Physical Therapy school. *We then moved to the last place on earth I ever thought I'd live when I was in high school - Mesquite, NV. We've lived here for almost 4 years (well, we now live 5 minutes away in Bunkerville). It's a great place and we love it here. I'd highly recommend it. *I get to stay home with our 3 kiddos - daughter Lydia, age 6 (small world - Brittney Deyo Skinner will be her 1st grade teacher next year!); son Drake, age 4; daughter Brielle, age 1. I am livin' the dream and wouldn't want to be doing anything else. *I get the rare opportunity of seeing a modern day miracle in action every day. Our youngest daughter has the metabolic disorder, PKU . If she had been born 50 years ago, she would be severally mentally disabled with the brain capacity of a toddler her whole life. But because of modern day newborn screening and a diet that is altered and carefully monitored, she is a perfectly happy, healthy, and intelligent girl. For that, I am grateful each day. *It's been fun to read the updates on everyone! I'm excited to see you all at the reunion...


(Q) What is your fondest HS memory?
(A) I have lots, I had a lot of good times with good friends.

(Q) What have you been up to since HS?
(A) I attended DSC where I graduated with an Associates in Business. I then moved to Provo and finished at UVU with a Bachelors in Business Marketing. I got married in 2004 to a great guy Raul Hernandez, we now have a 2 year old daughter named Ava. We lived in Provo until November of 2009 when we moved to Colorado Springs, CO. Raul works for Target as a manager for their logistics department, I work part-time as a manager of a retail store who I have been with for a long time.I love spending time with my family.

(Q) What is your fondest HS memory?
(A) Attending the extra-curricular activities-Dances, sport events, assemblies, etc. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Brett took great pleasure in "riding like a viking" all the poor singlet-wearing saps he wrestled into bloody pulps.)

(Q) What have you been up to since HS?
(A) Since High School, I have attended college, taught at Pine View Middle School for two years, Pine View High School for four years, Coached football and wrestling for 8 years, received my masters degree and administrative degree, and had four children along the way.